Bikes, Pizza, & The beach (Train like a pro vlog series #28)

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In todays video I catch you up on what you missed yesterday since I skipped a day and why I did that. Today we are in the RV in Oceanside and I focus more on family and wife time and dive a little bit into how healthy conversations can make a big impact. I want to thank you if you have stuck around this far, we are nearing the end of this challenge and i appreciate every one of you who has left a positive comment or who has just supported this series.

0:00 Work calls
0:25 Morning family time
1:26 Podcast with racerx
1:43 Communication with my wife
4:11 A little catch up
6:19 Lets ride
7:53 Watts
8:11 Power test chat
9:22 Back to the RV
10:31 Dad mode engaged
11:03 Pizza oven setup
12:05 Pizza making
12:17 Pizza fail
13:39 Pizza win
15:40 Dinner
15:40 Ending chat

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