How to make PERFECT Pizza Dough like a Chef

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It’s SKILLS month at Sorted throughout September and our chefs are showing you their methods and cheats for cooking some of the internet’s most requested dishes at home.
Today we’re talking PIZZA DOUGH. Ben shows us how to make delicious, chewy, pizza dough using two techniques - a same day method and an overnight prove all WITHOUT the need for a recipe!!
And don’t worry, Mike is on hand to make sure Ebbers doesn’t get too cheffy!

5: Parts Flour (Strong or 00)
3: Parts Liquid (Water)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Semolina (Optional)

We know that times for all of us are a bit tight right now, so we want to share creative ways to cook at home with leftovers and staple cupboard ingredients.
Share your methods and ideas with us and the sorted community on Twitter - @sortedfood

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